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Blooming Greetings creates a unique and innovative card vase. Our product line includes a range of designs and messages for any occasion.

What makes us bloom…


Our patent pending process that unites paper and plastic into a durable card vase that holds water and flowers for an extended period of time.


The card vase includes a wide variety of designs and messages for any occasion; from birthdays to get well. With 14 different themes to choose from, this gift is perfect for any event.


With the combination of a card and vase into one element, we have achieved something amazing. You can now give a greeting card and a vase with flowers all in one to present a fabulous gift.


From its original flat-packed form, the Card Vase is assembled in seconds. All it takes is a quick 3-Step procedure and your blooming greetings card vase is ready for use.

Eco Friendly

Blooming greetings card vases are recyclable, biodegradable and requires less fuel and energy than traditional ceramic and glass vases.